Thanks to the high-quality finish of our gears, we are a solid supplier for all industrial machinery producers. No matter if you are looking for cylindrical, bevel gears or customized gearboxes, at Sampingranaggi, your needs will be addressed and we will develop the most cost-effective tailored solution. Our gears are designed and manufactured with the most innovative technology designed with the aim of enduring stress for long time.

The reliability of your industrial gearboxes and lathe or milling machines is ensured by our high quality standards. We have the competence and capability to analyse, design and manufacture quality and efficient gears that last a long time. Moreover, we are specialized in highprecision parts for power trains.

Ideal and tailored solutions based on clients’ single need, are the aim of our work. All our solutions are the result of deep research, analysis and development, thought to speed up your productivity in term of efficiency and quality. In doing so, we use only state of the art machines and technologies. Gears must be precise and accurate so that the final outcome of your machine tools will be high quality products.