Who: A time-honoured gear manufacturing tradition

Sampingranaggi is a step forward in the development of a former internal division; in fact since the establishment of SAMP, we have been manufacturing gears through the Samputensili expertise in cutting and machine tools. These gears are later used for Sampsistemi machines. In 1973 that the company was established to cater to the high market demand with high quality and accurately manufactured gears.

We boast a long-lived and solid presence in the gears industry; thanks to the state-of-the-art machine and cutting tools manufactured by our sister company Samputensili, we are able to ensure high quality and accurate gears. Our engineers work daily in designing and manufacturing gears capable of maximising the cost requirements of our clients.

What: Tailored gears to meet clients’ needs

We specialise in gears and assembled gearboxes. All components are designed and manufactured in-house, hence we are able to truly control the quality of every component at each single step of the production process. All our gears are manufactured on the base of clients’ requirements, and we cover the entire production process from design to final delivery. We relentlessly strive to maximize the benefit of your investment.

Limited space availability, extreme precision when it comes to power transmissions, low noise output, exact movements, low weight, reliability and low operation costs. These are the challenged tackled time and time again by our engineers to respond to your most demanding tasks. We never stop innovating and improving your existing solutions

How: Quality is our priority and beyond precision our motto

At Sampingranaggi every step of the design and manufacturing processes is controlled and documented, while meeting the most stringent environmental standards.

MES, our internal manufacturing and logistics system, integrates all production processes, including the constant monitoring of the customer’s order, ensuring required flexibility, reliability of deliveries and traceability for our customers.

The goal: total control of the status of each single workpiece at any time. We believe quality to be the pivotal element. Beyond precision is our state of mind, which ensures you the best solution on the market.

Thanks to strong partnership and internal network, we are able to cover all five continents; moreover, we have two main plants, one in Italy and the other in China.


The management of Sampingranaggi is made up of a strong team, thanks to the combination of experienced directors and high-skilled professionals specialized in their own field.
In this way it’s possible to manage a truly global company.

Marcello Stradini

Marcello Stradini
Sampingranaggi Srl

  • General Manager
  • Joined the SAMP Group on April, 2017
Balletti Sampingranaggi

Alberto Balletti
Sampingranaggi Srl

  • Market Developer
  • Joined the SAMP Group on October, 2001


Thanks to our geographical expansion, we are never so far from you. We manufacture in 2 countries covering most of the world.

Sampingranaggi SAMP

Italy HQ

Sampingranaggi S.r.l.
via Saliceto 15
Bentivoglio (BO)

T: +39 051 63 19 411
F: +39 051 370860

Sampingranaggi Funo

Italy Funo

Sampingranaggi S.r.l.
Via Marzabotto, 280
40050 Argelato (BO)

T: +39 051 63 19 411
F: +39 051 370860 

Sampingranaggi SAMP


SAMP Machinery Shanghai CoLtd
N.2 Plant, n 568, Longan Road
Malu Town, Jiading District
201818 Shanghai, China
T: +86 21 5990 1153 / 59101513
F: +86 21 5990 153105


Sampingranaggi wishes to formalize its commitment to achieve customer satisfaction, environmental protection, and workers’ health and safety. The Quality Management System of Sampsistemi has been certified according to UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 and UNI EN ISO 14001:2015.



We were founded on entrepreneurship. In fact the lack on the market of high quality gears in 1936, pushed S.A.M.P. to start the internal gear production in order to ensure the highest quality of its machines. Since then we have never stopped to expand our boarder! Our know how is based on a strong combination of innovation and knowledge.

Throughout our years of history and by working in different countries for different industries, we have gained a strong amount of technical expertise, market knowledge and experience. We strongly believe that especially today where the competition is extremely challenging, knowledge is a great competitive advantage for companies to triumph among competitors. Clients are the center of our focus and help them to win their competition leading their market by sharing our broad knowledge has been always our value.

Our knowledge is constantly feed by our network of local companies and strategic partners, by sharing their own knowledge. Each Sampingranaggi employees are part of a great network which has been built day by day and in which they glean to find updated information and relevant experience in order to provide the best cost effective solution to clients requests.

As part of the SAMP Group, Sampingranaggi’s companies have access to a further bulk of information which cover the whole gear manufacturing process. Thereby, our employees have a great holistic view on the business which plays a key role in offering the best answer to our clients’ specific requests and inquires.