Timing gears

Sampingranaggi timing gear

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Timing gears are used in compressor or spindle pumps.

They are placed on each rotor or pump shaft and take care of a restricted guidance of each rotor pair. The quality of this kind of gears is very high with regards to the rotation in this pumps or rotors. Due to their application they are always manufactured in couples.

During the timing gear production, there are several elements which are taken care as:

  • Pitch error. Smaller is the error and more accurate is the mating
  • Concentricity error. Smaller is the error and higher is the transmission efficiency
  • Tooth thickness. It is important in order to obtain a constant working interaxis
  • Profile error. Smaller is the error, lower would be the transmission noise

Sampingranaggi with the collaboration of its control system suppliers, has developed a “test bench” able to “in process” analyze the errors listed above and to measure the working centre distance, marking it on one of the 2 elements during the profile grinding operation.

This allows to choose the two mating gears which are the most suitable for the two elements to be synchronized.


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