Lapped bevel sets

Lapped bevel sets Sampingranaggi

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Lapped bevel sets are gears finished by the lapping process and are used to obtain low-noise output solutions.

Small errors detected upstream in the gear forming, cutting or heat treatment processes, are corrected through this method. There are two ways to lap gears:

  •  Gear runs with its mating gear
  •  Gear meshes with lapping gear shaping tools

Gear lapping is made through special purpose machines, which uniformly apply the abrasive action across the teeth. Since it is a mating process, the two gears that have been lapped together are those that compose the bevel set, and as such they must work together. During this process the smaller gear represents the driver while the larger is driven. This production method has a high degree of accuracy and improves the wear properties of gear teeth.

We have adopted such methods and have brought up to date the relevant processes accordingly. Sampingranaggi lapped bevel gears meet the needs of the customer as regards both quality and cost, and always undergo:

  • A preliminary simulation and theoretical analysis of tooth to tooth contact conducted by specialists;
  • A detailed study of the cutting tool and the captive production of such tool on its own profile sharpening machines;
  • The choice of the most suitable heat treatment cycle to prevent or limit distortions (verified through testing);
  • The choice of the most effective lapping cycle in order to guarantee that gears operate silently and are lubricated at best.

Our lapped bevel gear sets are valid alternative if the application requirements do not have to live up to the ground standards. In case of high volumes, Sampingranaggi develops dedicated manufacturing cells in order to streamline production.


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