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Ground bevel sets are gears that have been finished with the grinding process.

Grinding is one of the most cost effective methods for teeth finishing; the machines use a generation motion with a grinding wheel. The motions are extremely smooth, making the process almost continuous. There is no need for a feed motion and the face width is complete as soon as the profile of the tooth is done. Moreover, this method uses a higher speed compared to the removing material through lapping with a large number of bonded abrasive grains. Like all abrasive solutions, the working wheels need re-sharpening. The teeth surface quality of ground gear sets is higher than that of lapped sets.

Sampingranaggi has been a pioneer in the ground bevel gears manufacturing technology and has contributed to promoting their advantages, reliability and economical value, also for the subcontracting market. Many new products have come about, from modern anthropomorphic robots to the most sophisticated vehicles, to faster and faster, more accurate printing machines and textile machines, which owe their performance and success also to the ground bevel gears that were designed and developed by Sampingranaggi jointly with its customers. Sampingranaggi avails itself of the following state of the art facilities:

  • The most evolved bevel and hypoid gear grinding machines, including the Gleason model 450 HG with Waguri spindle (7 axis);
  • The 3D G-AGE software for tooth topography control


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