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Sampingranaggi customized gearboxes

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All our innovative gearboxes are highly customized on single clients’ requirements.

Our teams never stop innovating and improving and improve solutions to win our clients’ challenges such as: tight space, precise power transmission, silence, low weight or low operation cost.

Sampingranaggi has a solid expertise in designing and manufacturing the following gearboxes:

  • Customized angle drives. Customized gearboxes may be co-engineered and supplied to suit customer interface needs
  • Multifunction gearbox. When multifunction drives (more than one output) are requested, our capability in engineering and manufacturing both bevel and cylindrical ground finished gears is made available to customers
  • Hypoid angle drives. Hypoid sets allow high ratio applications. Today’s technology, based on ground finished hypoid gears, make ratios feasible up to 15:1, still ensuring high efficiency gear boxes with low mechanical losses
  • Lapped or Ground options. Gear finishing by lapping or by grinding is available, so as to assure the most suitable quality in terms of accuracy and cost effectiveness. Lapping, hard finishing and final testing of the bevel sets are carried out on our complete line of latest-technology gear generators, grinders, lappers and testers

Our first step to any process is to listen carefully to your requirements. Thereafter, we design a solution that exactly fits your needs, establish a realistic time-to-market plan and guide the project to the finished product. Our customized gearboxes are engineered to suit your interface requirements, including special input and output flanges, as well as special ratios. Accurate, cost-effective gears are the result of a complete in-house process line.


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