Sampingranaggi gearboxes

Gearboxes or gear reducers are mechanical devices that alter the primary input speed received from a driving source into a different output speed by using a gear or a series of gears. In doing so the output torque and speed are determined by the gear ratio. The orientation of the gear teeth has considerable impact on the efficiency, torque and speed of the device. Gearboxes with straight gear teeth are used for low speed applications, while helical gearboxes are used for the high speed applications. There are several different types of gearboxes:

  • Bevel: straight and spiral teeth. Possible applications are: Power plants, steel plants, automotive.
  • Spur: they consist of straight teeth mounted on parallel shafts and they are mainly used to decrease the speed with high output torque. They can be used in different applications including speed control, packaging and power plants.
  • Worm: they can withstand high shock loads, moreover they are quiet and maintenance-free. The worm can turn the gear but not the other way round. Mining, escalators and elevators and presses are the main applications.
  • Planetary: they are called like this due to their similarity to the solar system. They consist of a sun gear in the centre, a ring gear – which is the outer ring – and the planetary gears, which rotate around the centre gear mesh with the other two components. Among all applications, lifts, cranes and machine tools are the main ones.
  • Helical: used for quiet and smooth operations. Elevators, oil industry and cutters are some of the various applications for which they can be used.

All types of gearboxes work in a similar way. Gear rotation direction relies on the input orientation and direction of the gear. If the former rotates in a clockwise direction the latter will rotate in a counter clockwise direction. The output torque and the shaft speed depends on two main elements:

  •  Size of the gears
  •  Number of teeth

More output torque and lower speed is the result of high gear ratios, whereas lower gear ratios produce higher output speed and less output torque.

In order to select the best gearbox to meet your requirements, these are the main factors that should be taken into consideration:

  •  Speed
  •  Output torque
  •  Gear ratio
  •  Gear arrangement

Advantages of gearboxes:

  •  High efficiency
  •  Long life
  •  Less noise (low noise level)
  •  High reduction ratios
  •  Increase in output torque
  •  Decrease in output speed

At Sampingranaggi, all gearboxes are highly customized based on clients needs. Our teams are able to design and manufacture the most suitable gearboxes for your specific needs.