Sampingranaggi bevel gears

Bevel gears are used to change the rotation of a shaft and their pitch surface is conic. In a bevel gear every point remains at a constant distance from a common point, also known as the apex. Their tooth shape is similar to the one of the spur gear and can be straight or curved.

A type of bevel gear is the spiral gear, which has the same length curvature of Zerol gears and forms a wider angle with the axis of the gear. Even if its teeth do not have a helical spiral, still it looks somewhat like a helical bevel gear. Thanks to a considerable teeth overlap, spiral bevel gears are used for high speed gear works since their run is smoother and the load is better distributed. Despite, compared to Zerol gears, they subject their bearings to more thrust load.

Straight bevel gears are yet another type: they are the simplest and they are used for transmitting power between shafts with different intersection angles – commonly 90 degrees – imposing both radial and thrust load on bearings.

The crucial part of the bevel gears is the mounting phase, As a matter of fact gears must be mounted maintaining a correct distance from the cone centre. Since they are generally positioned at the end of a shaft, bevel gears are affected by misalignment, which may produce deflection and bending. Therefore selecting the proper bearing solution is paramount; the most commonly chose are the ball and roller bearings.

Sampingranaggi, is among the pioneers in ground bevel gears manufacturing. We are able to offer bevel gear sets which ensure the demanding requirements of the transmission industry in terms of precision and repeatability of the movements. The applications of these gears have increased in time and we have contributed with our technology and expertise to the spreading and development of new applications: from modern anthropomorphic robots to the most sophisticated vehicles, including gearboxes and reducers.